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Turn your Startup into a Money Making Machine WITHOUT Leadership & Operational Nightmares through our 60-day Apex Accelerator!

Operations and Management Consulting for More Informed Decision Making


Systems, Processes and SOPs Crafted for Seamless Operations


Bespoke Business Management Dashboard Fully Set Up for You

Make Work
Make Sense

Create your Ideal Business Culture with our Leadership Coaching


Set up Business Automations to Decrease Time Spent on Admin Tasks

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  • What is G Team Academy?
    At G Team Academy, we are working towards a world where everyone learns to lead, empowering themselves to build lives of their own making, not just accept the lives handed to them. We work with entrepreneurs, executives and small businesses to empower them to lead themselves, their team and their business.
  • What's in it for you?
    Your expertise is your product, your market and your customer. You know that to scale you need to spend as much time as possible on those three areas. However, everything falls apart very quickly for businesses when their operations aren't in order. So you have the choice, you can spend years putting together theory and researching how to build reliable foundations for your business or you can work with us for 60-days and set up your scaleable foundations backed by both theory and client results. When you're working with us, you can focus your full attention on your areas of expertise and let us handle ours. Here's the result people see when working with us: Immediately developing a clear business strategy Increasing goal completion rate (avg increase 120%) Creating a sustainable work-life balance Generating new major contracts & investment (avg income generated £150k)
  • How does it work?
    We start with a comprehensive analysis of your business, followed by strategy development tailored to your goals. Then we'll propose an operational system that will encompass your strategy to scale the business. We then implement our bespoke, providing ongoing support and performance tracking to ensure success. Our approach is collaborative, adaptive, so it'll always be suited directly towards your business needs.
  • How are you different from hiring a COO/CRO?
    We're not here to check in at 9am and check out at 5pm. We're here to get your startup results. As a startup, you know making decisions should be quick with minimum risk. Bringing on a COO/CRO is a long and slow process and taking on the wrong individual can have a huge negative impact on the business. Within our 60-day programme, you'll have multiple brains developing your startup that are specialists in their own field, and we cost a fraction of taking on a full time staff member.
  • How will you get me reliable calls with investors and customers?
    We have an in-house team that will conduct deep research into the market to determine your business offer and where you currently stand. After tweaking our offer and our landing pages we then create a highly personalised email campaign. Once we hit our KPIs in each area (open rate, reply rate, meeting booked rate, close rate) we can scale in peace knowing that we have created a sales and systems machine that is producing cash.
  • Who are the specialists I could work with?
    Gurupma Singh - Business & Leadership Coach Adnan Arsalani - Operations & Management Director Sabrina Lily Rashid - Design & Branding Lead Oli Briggs - Marketing & Outreach Lead Ladi Joseph - Data Analyst Robert McKinna - UX Specialist Ghada Akkad - Trained Counsellor Olaitan Olawande - Behavioural Analyst
  • How do I get started?
    Getting started is simple. Book in a consultation below where we'll discuss your business needs and objectives.
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