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Our Mission

To give every young person clarity, structure and direction on how they can create a meaningful life that they truly desire

Meet the Founder!

I'm an enormous personal development enthusiast, who's always reading books, listening to podcasts and pushing myself to the limit. 
I have cold showers, wake up super early and exercise every day but most importantly, I love the life I live.

My team and I are providing young adults with the support they need to create a life with long-term fulfilment!

Hey, my name is Gurupma...

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Picture of Gurupma Singh

What do we do?

We coach young adults so they can create a better life for themselves and the people around them

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We can help you...

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Build genuine confidence in your abilities

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Decrease your likelihood of burnout

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Overcome barries you're facing towards your goals

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Create a better relationship with yourself

Access to our EXCLUSIVE Support Network


We have a range of highly qualified individuals all who are ready to support your growth including:


Financial Advisors,

Career Advisors,

Weight-loss Coaches,

Academic Mentors, 

Business Advisors

All of which are ready to support you directly!

Client Feedback


Mark Galea

As an HR Consultancy, we run a number of peer learning groups. For our latest session, we engaged G Team Academy's services to work with a number of HR professionals who gave me rave reviews at the end of the session.


Kirsty Malcolm

Just listening to Gurupma is worth its weight in gold! I'm truly grateful for the weekly calls we have and I can not thank Gurupma enough. I always leave every call filled with energy and excited to get on with the rest of my day!


Dr Darren Watts

G Team Academy delivered a motivational, bespoke presentation to our undergraduate placement students. I have no doubt that it was beneficial to our students and we look forward to repeating this next year.

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