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It's more than a calendar. 
It's your future.

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Time is your most valuable asset, and we're here to help you make the most of it!

We work with businesses that generate £5,000 - £50,000 per month to help them scale rapidly whilst taking great care of their people.

G Team Academy provides bespoke leadership coaching, designed to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential. Our proven track record is backed by years of experience in the field, and our goal is to equip our clients with the skills and knowledge they need to become successful leaders. 

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Slow Business Growth

If you're not growing you're falling behind, leaders should have the vsion to grow rapidly

Low Quality
Team Support

Lack of high-quality systems and processes causes a lot of stress and business challenges


Low energy is contagious, make sure your team is excited to work on your business


Don't be left behind with your Leadership Skills!


"Just a small push from G pointed me in the right direction and saved me thousands of hours of unnecessary work"

John Hamilton, Founder of Y&L


"Within my first two calls with G, he helped me to increase my MRR by over £2,000, best investment I've ever made!"

Lewis Binnie, Founder of Lewis Binnie Digital


"I was struggling to hit my leadership targets but with G's systems and processes I now hit them with ease"

Katie Lander, Global Director of CAE Cappa


"Every call is packed with value and I always leave with actionable advice that I'm confident will help the business"

Dan Smith, Business Strategist for OpenFormat


We only take on two clients a month so get your trial booked in soon to ensure you're not stuck on our waiting list!

What YOU get:

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Understand Your Challenges Better

Generate Actionable Solutions

Implement Essential Business Changes

Exceptional Continuous Support 

Deeply Passionate Consultants

Free Trial (No Bank Details Needed)

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