G Team perks

Alongside being part of an amazing team with amazing people, as a G Team member you also get a few other free perks!


To help develop your skills in different areas, you have access to a SkillShare account. Message Gurupma for the login details.

SkillShare Membership


If you need to design logos, Instagram posts or covers for content then you can have access to a pro account. Just message Gurupma for the login details.

Share books for free within the G Team, simply just log in the books below and the G Team will cover the shipping.

Books here

Book sharing

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Get whatever you need!

If there's a specific product or software that you believe will be beneficial for your work in the G Team, we can use the G Team communal fund to get you it for free. Once Gurupma confirms that you can go ahead and buy it, simply just fill in the expense form below and send it Gurupma.

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Click to download the expense form.