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Buzan's Study Skills


This book is aimed for students and the point of it is to teach you new, useful study skills. The three main skills it claims to teach are mind maps, memory techniques and speed reading. There is also areas which talk about mental blocks and the reasons behind them.

About the author:

It's written by Tony Buzan who graduated in English, Psychology, Mathematics and General Sciences and became a lecturer. He also has many different books in similar areas so he definitely knows what he's talking about.


As someone who has used mind maps before I found it very eye opening to see how limited my use of it was and I could immediately see how Tony's tips could help me to improve this. Despite getting straight A's at A-level I wish I read this book earlier as I can see how this would have helped me cut down a lot of time of revision. I can also see myself applying this to my work at university which will help me massively as an Engineering student. Additionally, the speed reading section was a lot more detailed than I was expecting it to be. The book is around 200 pages long and I was happy with the amount of detail Tony had managed to fit into it especially as I had already learned a fair amount of speed reading before reading this book. It helped me to develop my technique and also showed me different methods to use, which I find extremely useful.


The book itself is extremely well written. Usually I can find it quite a task to sit down and read for long periods of time but managed to read the book in a couple of hours. There are lots of sections where Tony suggests you practice what he has taught you and majority of the time there are tasks for you to complete within the book. The book done a great job of keeping me engaged and I feel like everything that was in the book was important (so basically there was practically no waffle).

Key learning point:

Creativity is key to improving the way you learn.

Even better if:

It was very hard for me to criticise this book, the only thing I would want to change it to make it longer and add more content. I was fully immersed in the book and could have continued reading for a while. However, this might just be for you to go and buy another book which is more than likely what I will be doing very soon!

Overall Rating = 9/10

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