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Start with why - Simon Sinek


Within this book Simon Sinek writes about how crucial it is that no matter what you do it’s necessary to first find the reason why you’re doing it first.

About the author

As I mentioned in my last book review I found out about Simon Sinek when watching 'Impact Theory' by Tom Bilyeu and I then went on to watch his TED talk which to me was basically a much more condensed version of his book. From what I’ve seen of him online he seems to be a very genuine guy and he definitely has a lot of knowledge and expertise in this field.


When I first started reading this book I was astounded by how many things I was doing wrong in my work and so was naturally very curious to see what else he had to say. Unfortunately, even though he was going into more depth about certain thing and he was changing what he was talking about I couldn’t help but feel like he was simply just repeating himself. I am a big fan of him and the book and I definitely recommend it however I just felt like I was reading different examples of the same thing (which is nonetheless extremel important advice).


Like Simons last book it doesn't directly ask you to carry out specific tasks, it again is more factually based and doesn’t push too much on theory and hypothetical situations. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing just personally when I’m reading I like to be continually questioned. It makes more feel more like the writer is engaging with me and that the book has a practical use in my own life too.

Key learning point

‘To inspire starts with the clarity of WHY’

Even better if

The tone of the writing connected with the reader better like in ‘leaders eat last’

Overall Rating = 6/10

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