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The Miracle Morning - Hal Elrod

Updated: Mar 18, 2019


The purpose of this book is to guide you through creating a morning routine and help you to get the best start to your day. It goes through 6 habits that are required for you to start waking up earlier and how to make the most of this time.

About the author

This book is written about Hal Elrod who talks us through his own personal experience with his morning routine and how it transformed his life. I have to be honest, when I was reading this book I was looking purely for information to try and learn new tips and tricks for me to use in my routine but I was pleasantly surprised. Normally people try to sell their own personal story to make the book feel more personal so when we finish the book we're left with a emotional connection to the book and the reader so we invest in them again. Simple business marketing tactics. Now being fully aware of this I read the book and I was genuinely impressed by Hal and all that he had managed to accomplish even after everything that happened to him. Hal has overcome tragedy after tragedy, not only did he run an ultra-marathon after being told he'll never walk again but he also overcame cancer in 2016. He also seem like a very genuine guy and have seen nothing but positive reviews all over the internet.


Hal covers 5 steps that you can take to stop you from pressing the snooze button, 6 practices that will help you to transform your mornings, how to customise your own miracle morning and a whole lot more. Even for someone like me who already has a morning routine Hal has got a lot more information to help make your 'miracle morning' much better. The book is well researched and I definitely learned a lot from reading it and would recommend it even if you’re someone who doesn’t plan on waking up early.


Even though there are a lot of good prompts and the tone is perfect for communicating with the reader in a polite suggestive way, there are not many places where I can personalise the book.

Key learning point

Thinking 'I'm not going to be tired' is the first step to not feeling tired.

Even better if

The only thing that I believe could improve this book is by adding in sections where the reader can write in their own goals and morning routine.

Overall Rating = 9/10

If you can’t wait until buying this book check out my blog post on why you shouldn’t be staying up so late by clicking the link below. Please leave a like and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on any new posts!

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