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The Rules Of People - Richard Templar


This book is targeted at people who want to become more of a 'people person'. It goes through 100 'rules' in which Richard goes through a range of different scenarios and how to approach them. Each rule has a key message which is highlighted on the same page.

About the author(s):

It's written by 'Richard Templar' who wasn't a real person but a pen name for 2 authors who worked together to create a series of books which were international best sellers. Unfortunately, in 2006 one of the authors passed away but ' will continue to live as long as the books do'.


This was the first book that I ever read in the area of personal development and I wasn't disappointed at all. There was a lot of new things that I was learning and it was opening me up to behaving in different ways however, as I was already making an effort to become more of a 'people person' before I read the book I felt like I was covering the basics more than I wold have liked. Overall, there were a lot of extremely useful things that I learned and rereading it reminded me.


One of my favourite things about this books is that it is written in a relaxed, friendly tone which helps a lot when I was taking advice from it. The structure makes it really easy to read and at the end of the page you're reminded of the main theme which is a very nice touch and helps to consolidate what you have just read. The book also includes a lot humour and relatable situations which make the book a lot more enjoyable to read.

Key learning point:

Being a 'peoples person' comes from looking at yourself first.

Even better if:

As the book follows quite a strict structure it becomes difficult for the writers to go into depth in a certain area. A lot of areas which I found very interesting and wanted to learn more about we're covered but overall I really enjoyed it

Overall Rating = 7/10

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